Video Series on Mental Health

IRC and OPORA have joined forces to support Ukrainians in the UK by creating 10 videos on key mental health topics. These videos aim to raise awareness and provide self-care tools.
Each discussed topic combines theoretical information for education with practical recommendations from the gestalt psychologist Zinaida.
We believe these videos will be beneficial, and you will gain valuable insights into your mental health.

1. Adaptation. From Uncertainty to Growth.

2. Emotions. How to Recognize Emotions?

3. Relationships. Boundaries. Love. Loss.

4. Seeking Help. How to Learn to Ask for and Accept Assistance?

5. The Psychological Code of the country. Unity.

6. Burnout.

7.Sorrow. From Sorrow to Rebirth.

8. Harmony: Nutrition, Time Management, Sleep.

9. Trauma. Panic Attacks.

10. Detox. Meditation. Silence.