Mental Health Support

Our mental health affects the quality of life and provides resources to cope with all the challenges and adapt to a new country. Mental health is important at every stage of life, especially now, as it influences how we think, feel, and act.
The OPORA team is ready to help you build inner strength and adapt to life in the UK. We have gathered the best advice from psychologists and informational resources that will surely help you take care of yourself and your mental health.

OPORA Resources


Psychological Support Channel

A Telegram channel providing support for Ukrainians in the UK on issues related to psychological health, moderated by experts and volunteers.
Join our channel to learn more about psychological health and support for Ukrainians in the UK.


Interactive Mental Health Map

An interactive map of psychological support services for Ukrainians located in the UK. Link to the map:
OPORA continues to gather information on possible options for psychological support. If you are attending or organizing events (support groups, therapies, lectures) or are a psychologist or psychotherapist, please send detailed information to .ku.aropo%40htlaehlatnem


Mental Health Workbook

IRC and OPORA have joined together to support Ukrainians in the UK by creating a guide that covers 31 topics aimed at providing a better understanding of mental health, psychology, and therapy. Each discussed topic combines both theoretical and practical knowledge in an effort to equip people with skills and tools that can be used to manage their well-being and mental health effectively.
For more detailed information about IRC, visit:


Video Series on Mental Health

IRC and OPORA have joined together to support Ukrainians in the UK, creating 10 videos on key mental health topics to increase awareness and provide self-help tools. Each discussed topic combines theoretical and practical components. 
For more details about IRC, visit:


Healthy Communication

● Positive First Contact● Healthy Relationships● Personal Boundaries● Body Language● To download the materials provided during the webinar, click here 

Emotional burnout

● Symptoms of emotional burnout● Psychological stability tools ● Test for the level of emotional burnout● Practical advice● To download the materials provided during the webinar, click here.

Adaptation Shock

● Adaptive Intelligence● Path: from shock to adaptation. What stage am I at?● Is it possible to adapt to today's world?● How does a Ukrainian's code work in another country?● To download the materials provided during the webinar, click here.

The art of self-regulation

● The concept of self-regulation● Methods and practices● Ways to regulate your emotional state● Practical exercises

Path to Integration

● Forced relocation: stages and consequences● Emotional processes after a year of being in the UK● Methods of self-regulation● Practical exercises● To download the materials provided during the webinar, click here.

Other Resources


Barnardo's is an organization that supports and protects children. They have opened a hotline for Ukrainian speakers with translators available in Ukrainian and Russian.
The hotline operates: • Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 20:00 • Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00To call the hotline, dial 0800 148 8586, or email .ku.gro.sodranrab%40troppusnainiarku


If you or someone else is in danger, call 999.If you need mental health support, seek help from NHS online or call 111.Contact the 24-hour mental health helpline in your region, and learn more by country:England - Scotland - Wales - Northern Ireland -


The British Red Cross provides a free and confidential support line to help people in difficult situations. The helpline offers support in various areas, including psychological support, medical assistance, legal advice, and more. If you need help or advice, contact The British Red Cross support line.
Contact: 0808 196 3651 (from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily (London time))


The "How are you?" program is a communication campaign within the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program, initiated by Olena Zelenska.
The crisis helpline provides support in the most difficult moments for Ukrainians in the UK.Contact: +44 808 164 2432*All calls from UK local numbers are free.


 Nadiya - A Quest For A Safer Place — аn app for Ukrainian children and their parents who have been severely affected by war. The app was developed by the British charity organization Apart of Me in response to the request of Ukrainian psychologists.

In just 14 days, you and your child can learn:
✔️ How to find calm amidst the storm.
✔️ How to be kinder to yourself and others.
✔️ How to have difficult conversations.
✔️ How to find hope when everything seems hopeless.

Available in English and Ukrainian languages, the app provides psychological support and helps children recover from traumatic experiences by engaging in playful exercises with parents or caregivers.


Mind is a charity organization that focuses on mental health issues. The organization provides a wide range of services that promote support and education on mental health issues in the local community. Its goal is to support individuals in their recovery process and promote social inclusion.
Contacts: email ku.gro.dnim%40ofni and phone number 0300 123 3393.