Partner with Opora

If you are an employer in the UK

One of Opora's key purposes is to facilitate rebuilding of Ukrainian lives in the UK via sustainable employment opportunities. 
The Opora platform allows us to analyse the needs and skills of the Ukrainian population arriving in the UK, and as a result provide direct access to the most relevant employment opportunities, whilst giving employers the ability to offer their programmes and roles directly to the Ukrainian community rather than posting it online (with further options to tailor the reach of the offers).
Opora is already partnering with national employers (in finance, hospitality, TV, retail, and more) to offer targeted opportunities that provide sustainable employment to Ukrainians in the UK whilst at the same time addressing the skills shortages in many UK industries. 
Please reach out to discuss any opportunities for partnership on employability further

If you can donate services or supplies to Ukrainians in the UK

Opora partners with other charities and organisations who want to reach Ukrainians in the UK to offer them their supplies, equipment or services. 
The Opora platform facilitates a tailored way to reach the most relevant communities of beneficiaries for our partners, to ensure the offer of help reaches the intended audience. 
If you are thinking about donating or contributing your services, supplies or support to Ukrainians in the UK, please reach out to discuss how we can best facilitate this. 

Want to partner with us in any other way?

Please contact the team and we will be in touch to discuss!