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Online Assistant 24/7

Virtual assistant from OPORA, which will help you quickly navigate the resources available on the website Our assistant is ready to help with various questions, providing information about the "Homes for Ukraine" program, various visa options, housing assistance, benefits, and much more. Our assistant is available in Ukrainian, English, and Russian languages, so that everyone can benefit from this vast source of information. Whether you are Ukrainian or a sponsor seeking information, our virtual assistant is always ready to help you.To address more complex questions, users will be invited to join our active channels on Telegram, where our team will provide personalized support. The full list of support channels is provided below.To use the assistant, click on the window located in the bottom right corner of this page.


Channels of information and support

OPORA moderates various information channels and active support groups for Ыponsors and Ukrainians who have arrived in the UK. If you or your guests need online help with Ukrainian schemes, general questions about living in the UK, renting a house, psychological support, etc., then join our Facebook and Telegram groups to get quick and high-quality answers to your questions from the OPORA team.


Community Support Group for UK Sponsors

● General Question● Discussion and support●  Information support● Updates


Ukrainian Telegram Groups

● Main channel● Housing● Ukrainian Scheme Visas● Mental Health and others