Housing in the UK


Guide to Rent in the UK

A comprehensive guide to renting a property in the UK, with special practical considerations for Ukrainian arrivals and what to look out for. 

Housing Support Channel

Moderated and run by Opora experts and volunteers, this community support Telegram channel offers direct answers to questions about housing and rental in the UK. 

Opora webinar on renting in the UK

The Opora team hosted a webinar where experts and volunteers provide an overview of basic topics of the housing rent process in the UK, practical tips, and tell about successful rent experiences.  
To download the slides and materials presented, click here.

Opora rental and housing resources

We deliver all kind of services that support small and micro businesses.

Opora Blog

Please visit our Blog for the latest posts on rental and housing tips and much more.

Rental scams

Read our tips on how to avoid most common rental scams

Finding rent with Housing Payments

Find out how to look for rentals online if you receive Housing Payments