The process of employment in the United Kingdom can vary for different individuals, depending on their status and visa situation. The UK offers a wide range of job opportunities for both citizens of the country and foreign workers, but successful employment often requires preparation, experience, and adaptation to local market conditions. Regardless of your situation, thorough research, creating a resume in accordance with local standards, and actively searching for jobs can greatly facilitate your path to obtaining desired employment in the United Kingdom.


How to find job in IT sector

Webinar Speaker: Diana Kocheva has been involved in the development of information technology companies in new markets for over 10 years. Her main focus now is the digitization of the cultural sector, and Diana is also the founder of the London Tech Community.
Key seminar highlights:▪️ Practical strategies for finding a job in the IT sector▪️ Insights into adapting your CV and packaging your experience▪️ How to find your first job without experience specifically in the IT industry▪️ How London Tech Community can assist in job searching▪️ Proven methods for building a strong personal network of contacts.
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In partnership with Blue Orchid, we conducted a webinar where expert business consultants provide an overview of self-employment in the United Kingdom, practical advice, and a Q&A session.
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STOP THE TRAFFIK is a non-profit organization that fights against human trafficking and modern slavery. Their actions are aimed at systematically dismantling global human trafficking networks, creating aware and protected communities, and promoting the prevention of this horrific phenomenon. The organization operates with a focus on human rights and engages a wide range of partners and civil society organizations to achieve its goal.


Ecctic is the National Information Center for Academic Recognition, specifically for your foreign qualification (diploma) for employment, education, professional registration, or for other reasons.