Guest Guide to the Homes for Ukraine Scheme 

Step 1. Did you hear about the British sponsorship program «Homes for Ukraine» and want to go to the UK this way  

Read a brief description of the program on the website Home Office (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
● Guidance for Ukrainian guests arriving in the UK
Resources from different organisations
● Refugees at Home Host and sponsor resources
● VITA Network’s guidance for hosts and refugees

Do you have a sponsor already - familiar, distant relatives etc.?
If yes -> go to step 8 to apply for a visa. 
If no -> Step 2. 

Step 2. Choosing how to find a sponsor 

On your own, by a voluntary organisation or government scheme.
Government scheme:
Reset is a voluntary organisation chosen by the United Kingdom’s government, where combinations of sponsors and guests will be selected individually. 
To apply, you need to follow the link and fill out the form

To find by yourself or by a charity organisation
Social network: some guests and sponsors find each other on a social network, and many Facebook groups are created for this purpose. 
OPORA is a charity organisation. We propose a platform for both sides to find each other and save control under the selection process. We see this process as a significant decision for both sides with long-term obligations. Those who use our platform have access to help with visa applications, and payments for travel in the United Kingdom, with first steps after arrival, work, etc. These steps will be open in passing through a visa process. If you choose Opora - step 3
List of official service providers - organisations declared by the government that provide appropriate services for the Homes for Ukraine scheme.
In the future will be added more.
Please pay attention to the Super Sponsor scheme for Wales and Scotland is currently suspended for new applications.

Step 3. Register to Opora and join our community
Registration will allow you to find and contact sponsors directly in the United Kingdom based on your preferences and needs from your side.
- Register as a guest who searches for a sponsor (I am a Ukrainian looking for a home within the United Kingdom) - - Read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement at registration - Confirm your account (profile) on the e-mail you registered. Check the spam folder and expect it may take several hours to receive a confirmation letter. - Fill in your profile and description of your situation in the section ‘My Profile’ - Now you have access to sponsors’ base in the United Kingdom, which proposes accommodation for Ukrainians - Join a channel in Telegram for support -

Step 4. Sponsor’s search on the OPORA platform

Do you prefer to search actively or wait for a contact from potential sponsors?
If you will search actively Press "Find a Sponsor", and you can use different filters in the search. Write to sponsors using the specified communication method you like.
If you will wait for a contactWait for letters or messages from potential sponsors. Try to answer as soon as possible, and discuss your situation if you haven’t described it in detail.

Step 5. Connection with sponsor

You keep in touch with the sponsor or, more likely - with several sponsors. You decide to look at several sponsors simultaneously or just one.
We recommend seeing the basic safety rules on the internet:
How to decide if this sponsor is suitable for you?
Set up a time to speak with the potential sponsor online - Zoom, WhatsApp, …
Talk about your and their approach to home life, and don’t be shy to ask difficult questions, especially if you are confused by something.
Try to take consciously to the check and remember elementary safety in communication through the internet.
Decide if you match each other. And if so - go to step 6a.
If you did not find the sponsor in Opora or decided to search another way - go to step 6b.

Step 6a. If you found the sponsor in the Opora database

When you agree with the sponsor, notice this in your profile - go to ‘My Profile’, at the bottom of the page you can find the Link to Sponsor field, where you can insert your unique code, which you will receive from the sponsor.


After entering a code, your profile will be connected with the sponsor’s profile.


You will receive an invitation to the Facebook group for visitors

Step 6b. If you found the sponsor another way or decided to look further 

You can hide your profile, which will be inactive, but you can return to it after activation. To do this, go to the profile by opening the ‘My Profile’ section, scroll down, choose to Hide and provide a reason.


You can delete your account entirely. For this, you need to press a profile sign on the top right corner, go to Settings and confirm Delete Profile.


Step 7. How to apply for a visa

Arrange with your sponsor, who will apply online (application(s) submit in combination from the guest side and sponsor, you should share information in the process of filling)
Fill out the application on the public portal; if this concerns you - make an appointment at the visa centre and wait for a visa/entry permit
Be careful regarding this process. Whether you have a valid biometric passport, expired extended passport, valid non-biometric passport or something else, the application can include VAC visits or not, and can consist of applying through an application to verify the identity or not.
Join the Telegram channel for support in the process.

Step 8. Arrival in the United Kingdom 

Read the guide from Opora after the arrival:
Guide for visitors from UK Government

Stay safe in the UK
Human trafficking is the recruitment of people through deception or coercion for the purpose of exploitation
Many victims of human trafficking are unaware that they are being exploited or are afraid to look for help while being in a foreign country
- low wages- non-payment of wages- violation of your rights- forcing to work overtime
are also types of exploitation!

STOP THE TRAFFIK has prepared a selection of practical advice for Ukrainians in the UK who are looking for housing and employment, as well as information about organizations that provide support
🔎Read more about life in Great Britain
🔎Information about safe travel to Europe
⛔️⚠️Have you noticed a suspicious job advertisement? Are you or someone you know exploited or forced to work? Let us know about it. Download the STOP APP for iOs and Android (STOP APP – Apps on Google Play). Ukrainian language is available in the application

The Opora team stays with you for the further way to the United Kingdom, supporting a way of life in a new place. We will renew additional opportunities on the platform after your arrival. 
If your question is not answered here, go to the Telegram channel - and if you need further assistance - write to ku.aropo%40pleh